Steam - Humidity Control Systems for Open Space and Air Ducted Applications - Information & Specifications

Steam Humidification Description - Operation - Features

Steam Humidification is simply the process of boiling water and distributing pure steam directly into open space or into a ducted air handling (AHU) system. ACE designs and engineers steam systems using Neptronic manufactured components consisting of: Electric Steam, Gas Fired Steam and Steam-To-Steam types of Systems.

  • SK300 Series Electric Steam Humidifiers provide sterile steam using electricity to heat self-cleaning heating elements to boil water in the stainless steel evaporative chamber. The electronic microprocessor management system is an interactive LCD Display with controlled self-diagnostics. Humidifiers are sized from 6 to 270 lbs/hr. capacity with either ON-OFF or fully modulating versions. All types of supply water ranging from severe to DI quality can be boiled in a cleanable stainless steel evaporation chamber that is easily serviceable.
  • Operation and Service: Water is automatically fed into the stainless steel evaporative chamber with an easily removable cover containing heating elements and water level sensors. Periodic maintenance of the unit is easily done in minutes. All mechanical, power and control connections are readily accessible for quick servicing. Remote communication allows for changing set points, parameters and comprehensive maintenance messaging.
  • SKG3000 Series Gas Fired Steam Humidifiers provide sterile steam using natural or propane gas (91% combustion efficiency). Capacities range from 110 to 810 lbs/hr. The humidifiers use either domestic or DI equivalent water quality with an automatic de-scaling process. The evaporation chamber is easily removed, cleaned and re-installed in 5 minutes. The system is auto programmable for drain and maintenance cycles.
  • Operation: On a call for humidity, the combustion air blower creates a negative pressure across the valve orifice located at the air inlet. The gas valve opens and the gas/air mixture is forced through the burner port and is ignited. Heat from the product of combustion is transferred to the water, by means of the heat exchanger, to produce steam. The products of com- bustion are vented out of the flue and the burner then begins to modulate based on demand.
  • SKS Series Steam-To-Steam Humidifiers provide sterile chemical free steam using on-site boiler steam as a heat source. Capacities range from 110 to 1250 lbs/hr with full modulating control operating at 15 psi maximum boiler steam pressure. Heat exchangers are copper or stainless steel. The management system is a remote communication protocol with a self cleaning built in scale control and scale trap trays that cleans and reinstalls in minutes.
  • Operation: Energy source is either raw steam under pressure or high temperature hot water from a central boiler passing through the heat exchanger providing sterilized steam to the Air Handling Unit (AHU).