HydroStream Industrial Humidifiers - Information & Specifications


Engineered for U.S. Indoor Manufacturing Environments to Control Relative Humidity During Winter Operations

Produces an "already humidified air stream" directed into your plant air space. No visible moisture exits the unit just a humidified airstream migrating quickly and equalizing throughout your entire plant air space via Dalton's Law of Partial Pressure.

Humidification is simplified by pulling dry filtered air through water saturated pads no steam or no moisture droplets exit the unit no evaporated distance required.

The process of evaporation provides a natural "crossover" for seasonal use application:

1. Winter Humidification: the humidity setpoint becomes the control (typically 45-50%) and the temperature control provides a limit (typically 60F).
2. Summer Evaporative Cooling: the temperature becomes the control point (75F for example) and the humidity would be the limit control (65% for example).


Water Supply - Electrical - Drain

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