Air-King Media & Mist Collector Air Cleaners

Air-King Multi Stage Media Air Cleaner

Applications Range from Large Industrial to Light Manufacturing

Air-King multi-stage media air cleaners.
Air-King m series multi-stage media air cleaners.

Air-King M Series

Multi-Stage Media Units

Quality — economical staged media air cleaners. 300 - 7,600 CFM with one to twelve sets of filters per unit; Vertical portable units. All units are sized and configured for specific filtration and air flow needs.

Model M-30 suspended in a welding lab

Model M-35P vertical portable unit

— Air-King M Series Downloads —
M-11 Brochure pdf
M-25 Brochure pdf
M-25D Brochure pdf
M-30 Brochure pdf
M-30-UV Diesel Smoke Brochure pdf
M-35P Portable Brochure pdf
M-40 Brochure pdf
M-70 Brochure pdf