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Custom Engineered Humidification Systems

Over 75 years of experience providing innovative and customized humidity solutions for a wide spectrum of industrial applications.

Paper Processing/Print/Publishing • Electronics/Tech • Woodworking • Food Storage/Processing

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Economic Benefits of Automatic Humidity Control

  • Stabilize hygroscopic materials (absorb and give off moisture based on environment)
  • Control Static Electricity (ESD – electrostatic discharge)
  • Maintain the health and productivity of your workforce


Paper Processing/Print/Publishing

(40-65%) Maintain product quality and workability – preventing shrinkage, dimensional and weight changes, registration issues, and static electricity related issues.


(40-60%) Preserve component and product reliability with steady state humidity levels and elimination of humidity related static electricity issues.


(30-60%) Maintaining the equilibrium moisture content (EMC) of wood and veneers providing stable dimensions, weight, enhanced quality, and productivity. Prevents cracking, warping, checking, and glue joint problems.


(40-60%) Preserve the storage and process integrity of hydroscopic fibrous materials. Low humidity leads to brittle fibers, breakage, and excessive “fly” in the air. Electrostatic changes resulting from low humidity can slow down equipment. Profitability increases with optimum product weight.

Food Storage

(50-98%) Maintain quality, texture, freshness, and taste by storing and ripening product at the optimum humidity level.

Other Applications

Painting, precooling, general HVAC, laboratories, aviaries, greenhouses, libraries, and leather products.

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